Nano-emulsification – you may have seen it on our product labels, you may have heard us talk about it before and you’ve likely read about it on our product pages, so what exactly is nano-emulsification? And why does it matter? In short, Nano-emulsification is an advanced process the reduces the size of the CBD particle into a nano-sized particle that can be absorbed and processed by our bodies at much higher rates.

When you ingest a CBD product, your body absorbs and uses a small fraction of the CBD content in your product. The percentage of CBD your body absorbs from a standard CBD product is about 10%. When we came across this number, we knew we needed to do something about it. Our solution? Nano-emulsion technology. This patented process improves the absorption rate we just mentioned significantly.

The nano-emulsification process reduces the oil particle size to provide more bioavailability or higher absorption rates. Because of this, our nano-emulsified CBD can bypass your stomach acids and enter your bloodstream quicker and in higher amounts.

Our nano-emulsified CBD allows your body to absorb up to five times more CBD content than standard formulas.

Why else should you care about Nanoemulsification? Since our nano-emulsified products are more effective, you’ll need to use less of our product to get your desired results. You know, a little more bang for your buck.