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CBD Infused Coffee

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Your new favorite morning ritual, our CBD Infused Coffee.

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We’re proud to introduce you to our CBD Infused Coffee in collaboration with Doma Coffee. We start with Doma Coffee’s The Chronic whole coffee bean and infused it with our broad-spectrum CBD. Let’s dive into what we mean by infusion. We start by heating up Doma Coffee’s whole bean until they start to sweat and release their own oils. At that point, we add our broad-spectrum CBD extract and allow the beans to dry. As the beans dry they absorb their own oils as well as our CBD extract resulting in a true infusion.


Our customers love the smooth taste of our CBD Coffee as well the fact that CBD can help relieve the coffee jitters.


Doma’s The Chronic Blend is a whole bean coffee that has a pleasant dark chocolate and cedar taste with aromas of dried fruit and cherry. It’s also got a clove aftertaste, muted acidity, a bold body, and a light sweetness. Great as an espresso or in drip preparations.

Roast level: Dark

Each bag contains a whopping 500mg of PhytoCannabinoid Rich (CBD) Hemp Extract.




We recommend you grind the beans before brewing for the freshest taste. We also recommend using a french press to brew our CBD Infused Coffee.

We do not recommend using paper filters in the brewing process as paper filters can trap the CBD particles.

Key Ingredients

Key Ingredients

Doma’s The Chronic Blend whole coffee beans, broad-spectrum CBD.

Reviews (6)

6 reviews for CBD Infused Coffee

  1. ashaw

    Definitely a steep price to pay for coffee, but this stuff is amazing! I’m typically prone to adding a pound of sugar to any coffee I drink, but this was an entirely different experience. I drank this black with just a smidge of honey and was pleasantly surprised by the flavor and how smooth it was. My usual cup of coffee lasts me to about 2pm before I crash, but not with this. I feel like the CBD really helps sustain my energy throughout day. It reminded me of bulletproof coffee but without the acidity that sits in my stomach after too much of that. Overall, it has an incredible flavor and is a great way to start any morning.

  2. WelchWasHere

    -Incredible Coffee-

    I’ve been drinking coffee every day for years and had no idea that it could be this good. DOMA brews a great blend on their own, but the CDB takes this joe to an entirely new level. This coffee is so smooth and full-bodied that I’ve finally found myself enjoying it completely black without any added sugar or cream. The CBD reduces my anxieties that lay at the foot of a busy day, and somehow after enjoying 16 oz of this elixir I suffer NO CAFFEINE CRASH. Other coffee always leaves me high and dry after a few hours, but this blend energizes me without giving me the shakes and keeps me feeling light all day long.

  3. terry p. (verified owner)

    Great quality CBD plus a really fantastic coffee for pour over and espresso. Absolutely the best I have tried.

  4. terry p. (verified owner)

    Continues to be an amazing product. Works well in any brew method and have recently started using it with my espresso machine – amazing.

  5. M (verified owner)

    The coffee is amazing! Just ordered my second bag and the supplement. I am a cancer survivor and have many side effects from the chemo and radiation. This is the only CBD that has helped improve my pain, anxiety, fatigue and over all mindful wellbeing. Thank you for offering such an amazing product for people that want a natural alternative. I ❤️Proper!

  6. Steve (verified owner)

    I really like this coffee. I brew it a little stronger than the instructions suggest and I use it to make my “Bulletproof Coffee” to drink just before my first meal of the day. The reason I make it stronger is so the flavor will cut through the flavor of the butter, MCT oil, stevia and cream. As part of my regimen I have lost a slow, steady 43 pounds in the last 8 months. The CBD also seems to moderate the acids from the coffee so I don’t end up with any stomach upset. I face the pressures of the day more calmly than when I used to over-use coffee to keep my energy up. It is a delight!

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