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CBD Infused Coffee



Meet our CBD Infused Coffee in collaboration with Doma Coffee.

This delicious cup of joe is packed with our phytocannabinoid-rich CBD extract. We start by heating Doma Coffee’s whole beans until they start to sweat and release their own oils. Once the beans start to ‘sweat’, we add our broad-spectrum CBD extract and allow the beans to dry. As the beans dry they re-absorb their own oils as well as our CBD extract. This results in a true infusion.

Our customers love the smooth taste of our CBD Coffee as well as the fact that CBD can help relieve the coffee jitters.

Doma’s The Chronic Blend is a whole bean coffee with a pleasant dark chocolate and cedar taste with dried fruit and cherry aroma. It’s also got a clove aftertaste, muted acidity, a bold body, and a light sweetness. Great as an espresso or in drip preparations.

Roast level: Dark

Each bag contains a whopping 500mg of Phytocannabinoid Rich (CBD) Hemp Extract which comes out to about 25mg per cup.


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We recommend you grind the beans before brewing for the freshest taste. We also recommend using a french press to brew our CBD Infused Coffee.

We do not recommend using paper filters in the brewing process as paper filters can trap the CBD particles.

Key Ingredients

Key Ingredients

Doma’s The Chronic Blend whole coffee beans, broad-spectrum CBD.


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Alexandra N.

Most delicious, so special

I love this coffee, it’s very special! This is my second bag, I first purchased too long ago and needed it in my life again. It has a really great taste, the flavor description is very accurate, it’s smooth, deep and mellow. The CBD is perfect, and takes a lil edge off of the caffeine. You get your energy but with a nice calm. I enjoy it black or with a bit of frothed milk and maple syrup. BUY IT! It’s actually worth it!

Shauna G.

Outstanding Coffee and Customer Service

I absolutely love this coffee! The sale price is nice, if it wasn't for that not sure if I could afford it, especially nowadays with all that's going on! I previously bought it once on sale from another site but eventually came here (manufacturer) for a better deal at that time. First time I bought it from this site there was a handwritten note thanking me for my purchase. Second time, I bought two, and not only was there a handwritten note, but tons of freebies I did not expect. I was so overjoyed about that! Thank you to the team!! I also buy their CBD drops and always wanted to try other items they have to offer. This is more than just coffee. It has dark chocolate, toasted almond and malt that does not over run the flavor. It has such a wonderful coffee shop aroma, grinds well, with smooth body finish that's slightly sweet. I do not use conventional sugar, but a stevia monk fruit sweetener with a hint of vanilla. I never get that dreaded coffee crash or jitters that I would get with regular coffee even with a good sugar substitute. Highly recommend to coffee drinkers. Best on the planet!


I really like this coffee. I brew it a little stronger than the instructions suggest and I use it to make my "Bulletproof Coffee" to drink just before my first meal of the day. The reason I make it stronger is so the flavor will cut through the flavor of the butter, MCT oil, stevia and cream. As part of my regimen I have lost a slow, steady 43 pounds in the last 8 months. The CBD also seems to moderate the acids from the coffee so I don't end up with any stomach upset. I face the pressures of the day more calmly than when I used to over-use coffee to keep my energy up. It is a delight!


The coffee is amazing! Just ordered my second bag and the supplement. I am a cancer survivor and have many side effects from the chemo and radiation. This is the only CBD that has helped improve my pain, anxiety, fatigue and over all mindful wellbeing. Thank you for offering such an amazing product for people that want a natural alternative. I ❤️Proper!

terry p.

Continues to be an amazing product. Works well in any brew method and have recently started using it with my espresso machine - amazing.

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